Our Services

Our Services

Building a business mentality

A positive mental attitude, tenacity and learning from failure are some of the characteristics Growth Alliance will help build within the management team of portfolio companies. This we have achieved by designing and implementing interventions that will help teams develop a ‘business mentality’ rather than a ‘trader mentality’

Economies of Scale

From reduction in fixed costs to ease on cash flow, the importance of Economies of Scale cannot be overemphasized. Our interventions allow businesses access the benefits of Economies of Scale consistently, businesses can begin to acquire specialized equipment and fit for purpose staffing. Our favorite is the Excess Reserve Account (ERA) which oils the business machine and allows options for growth.

We keep our eyes on the number

Numbers always tell a story; our selected team of experts can interpret and prescribe business solutions to any business story. We also track these numbers forward ensuring that business targets and KPI goals are achieved.

Growth and Market Expansion

We work with the board and management to design and supervise the implementation of a market expansion plan to enable the portfolio company capture additional market share, increase its sales and top-line revenues.

Corporate Governance Support

Corporate Governance continues to play a significant role in contemporary business and investing. Our team will support portfolio business to explore and deploy up to date Corporate Governance practices that aid growth and boost the profile of the companies.

Organisational Strengthening

Through our proprietary models, we target and strengthen long term planning & Policy Development, Financial Management, Staff motivation, Organizational Structure, Organizational Culture, and other subsets of Organizational Strengthening critical to the strategic focus of portfolio companies

Performance Management

Critical to continued success and sustained competitive advantage is an efficient Performance Management Process. Our approach allows investors track and monitor, while providing portfolio companies with the necessary tools to provide data critical to growth

CEO and Executive Coaching

The Growth Alliance team of experienced and former C-Level Executives will work with the CEOs and Executive team of the portfolio companies to equip them with the knowledge, skills, and tools required to meet the expectations of investors and other stakeholders in the business.

Working Capital Structuring and Arrangements

Equity injection most times is the required launch pad, however working capital sustains the business activities. Growth Alliance will work with the portfolio company to structure the required working capital requirements and arrange the finances based on competitive and suitable borrowing terms.

Alignment of Interests

This is a critical part of our business. Growth Alliance ensures its own interests are fully aligned with those of investors and promoters of portfolio companies, thereby ensuring the best possible outcome for all interested parties. Our reporting and update system ensures a continuous review of the alignment.