About Us

About Growth Alliance

Through its founders, investors, management and consultants, Growth Alliance boasts of extensive experience in establishing and building successful businesses. Between us, we have several hundred years of hands-on experience.

We have a passion for Africa and have worked extensively across the continent in a variety of roles and sectors.


To enable Africa’s prosperity.


Delivering services to build competitive and sustainable businesses that produce exceptional returns to investors and promoters, while impacting the host communities.

What we do

We provide investors with tools to monitor the performance of their portfolio and the assurance that they will receive prompt and accurate information.

We assist investee businesses with a wide range of services delivered by experienced, industry-aware practitioners. We help with planning and budgeting, monitoring and financial reporting, working capital structuring, strategic planning, operational control and systems implementation. We offer training and coaching to key members of the investees team.

How we do it

We evaluate, diagnose and prescribe a course of treatment, which is agreed by all parties. Our consultants are involved in day-to-day, providing support and assistance. Existing lines of communication between investor and investee are left undisturbed.

Investors have access to a platform offering key data on all their businesses where Growth Alliance are engaged. Confidentiality of information between clients is strictly controlled.

Our People